Abilica x Normill XC-3300

Abilica x Normill XC-3300 multisport mill is made to fulfill all needs in multiple sports. We have the performance that is expected in pro-athlete training equipment. The belt surface is 250 x 330 cm, suitable for running, cycling, speedskating, cross-country etc. Normill is founded in a high-tech industrial environment in Norway and uses the oil industry’s best suppliers for high quality parts.

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Length: 395 cm
Width: 378 cm
Height running belt: 33 cm
Width running belt: 250 cm
Minimum required ceiling height: 270 cm
Max speed: 50 kph (70 kph)
Belt speed acceleration: 0.2 sec/kmh
Speed deviation: +/- 0.7%
Incline: 0-25%
Incline speed: 1 sec/%
Incline deviation: +/- 0.3%
Total motor size: 9 HP
Vekt 1 kg
Dimensjoner 1 × 1 × 1 cm