Active play indoors

When it’s time to shut down the iPad, it can be hard to know what to do with yourself. Try one of these three active games with your family. They are perfect for indoors, and after only a few minutes your energy levels will be up, and you will discover how wonderful it is to move your body in different ways.

Gladiator obstacle course in the lounge
Cushions, chairs and the sofa can be quickly transformed into a great obstacle course. Use your imagination and build up a course on which you have to climb, crawl, jump, balance and may be carry something. Try to find as many ways to move your body as possible within the course. For example: you could climb up the side of the sofa, crawl over the cushions to the far arm rest and then climb down. Squirm under the coffee table, and then jump between different cushions without touching the ground. Then lie on the Abilica GymBall on your stomach, and slide your body along as far as you can to the other side of the room. Test yourself around the course against the clock, keep trying to improve your time.


Piggy in the Middle while balancing
Move everything out of the way and clear a space for the joy of movement in the home. Find a soft ball and play Piggy in the Middle as you’ve never played it before. Every time someone loses the ball, they get a letter. The first to spell PIG loses. Try balancing on one foot while throwing and catching. Try catching with only one hand. Too easy? Try balancing on your bottom without your hands or feet touching the ground when you throw. Take turns sitting on an Abilica GymBall, can you keep your balance and catch the ball at the same time?

Let the cards decide
Find a deck of cards and use them to arrange four training exercises. Each exercise is represented by a suit (hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds). Shuffle the cards and take one each. Perform as many repetitions of the exercise the card indicates for each suit. After a few turns, when everyone has drawn cards, change the exercises for four new ones. Train your way through the entire deck.



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