Why your child needs movement – what happens in their bodies and minds?

There are no drugs on the market able to replace the fantastic effect of physical activity on your body, for children or adults. When you use your body to balance, hop, jump, crawl or climb, a whole series of things happen in it. You will notice a difference in your mood and energy levels immediately. You will be happier and find it easier to concentrate. In the long-term, there are the beneficial effects on your cardiovascular health, the risk of depression, Alzheimer’s disease and certain forms of cancer. There simply is no doubt that we have a body designed for movement.

The best thing about movement, is that it does not need to be too advanced. The main thing is to make room for active play and the joy of movement at home. We need to offer an alternative to a screen – one of the biggest threats to physical activity. Children ought to move at a level of physical exercise for at least 60 minutes a day, but those minutes have to be consecutive, and not divided into blocks. That’s why it’s important to make it easy to exercise, making the joy of movement easily accessible. For example, the playful Abilica HopScotch mat can quickly stimulate a child’s imagination and desire to move. It’s an easy option when the body needs an exercise break.

What happens in the body and mind when we get regular exercise? Well, the list is long. But here are just a few of the beneficial effects. For children of school age who enjoy learning, take particular note of the points concerning recall and concentration. Exercise with your child for a while before they start on their homework.



The pleasure of regular exercise can lead to:

– Stronger muscles
– Better condition and stamina
– Stronger bones
– More supple and flexible body
– More endorphins in the body, which make us happier
– Less risk of suffering from anxiety and depression
– Better sleep
– Easier to maintain a healthy weight
– Less risk of lifestyle diseases
– Better recall
– Fewer mood swings
– More strength and energy
– Steady blood sugar levels
– Better stress management
– Better self-confidence
– Better self-awareness
– A better chance of living longer with better quality of life!



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