Early resistance

Early resistance ensures that you get resistance in the first phase of the insert so that the power input must arrive early in the rod roof corresponding to modern fencing techniques. Early power and gluttony enable you to activate the abdomen, lats and bones, which in spite of salt, are the largest and most important muscle groups to be used under a cane roof

Resistance levels are well differentiated

Resistance levels 1-9 are well differentiated so it is easy to adjust load according to the type of workout you are going to have. Whether it is quiet long-distance driving, fast long-distance driving, threshold intervals, distance training, or sprint traits you have on the program.

Fast and efficient return springs

Fast and efficient return on the ropes allow you to effectively perform sprint-related training such as sprinting and speed as well as developing skills that require high frequency.

Simple and user-friendly computer

The product has a very user-friendly computer that makes it easy for you to measure time, distance, speed, frequency, watts, heart rate, calories and length per roof. These parameters give you good feedback on intensity and execution while you can effectively use this to develop measurable sessions for yourself to record development / progress. You can also differentiate the session with these parameters according to how tough the session you have planned.


We’ve teamed up with Johannes Høsflot Klæbo when we developed the matte black design and the technical specifications. Klæbo holds multiple records for being the youngest male in history to win several cross-country world titles, he is considered as the new pioneer in this sport, and we love his modern way to communicate with his fans.


39 cm

58 cm

214 cm

Pulse program

40 kg

Time, stakefrekvens, calories, WATT, pulse, length per tak, distance, speed



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